1990 - current

In 1990 I began creating synthesized performances of the keyboard works of J.S.Bach.  This project has so far accumulated five hundred and fifty midi files and five hours of recorded music.  The recorded performances are distributed on tape cassettes and CDs; approximately 70 of the midi files are available at my website, with more being added each year.

2002 - contracts to use BachWorks selections in release 4.x of their astronomy program Starry Night Pro.

2001 - Contracted to provide the sound track for an independent film work by Mohamed Ragheb, Toronto, Canada.

2000 - Invited to participate in CPU Bach, a four-day Bach symposium at McGill University.

1995 - Released theBachWorks, volume 4

1994 - Released theBachWorks, volume 3

1992 - Released theBachWorks, volume 2

1991 - Released theBachWorks, volume 1

Further information on theBachWorks project is available at



1970 - 1979
Founder and President

BSEM was a pioneer developer of courses and instructional materials in audio synthesis, with an international reputation. BSEM graduates can be found today throughout the industry.

The school attracted students from Belgium, Denmark, South Africa, and Israel.  BSEM faculty and student groups performed several times a year; for several years we gave spring concerts at Massachusetts College of Art, then located at the corner of Brookline and Longwood. There were performances at Hampshire College, at Wesleyan University, and at Stockton State College in New Jersey.

In addition, we designed and sold custom equipment, and installed electronic music studios for many New England educational institutions. Among our clients were the University of Massachusetts Amherst and Harbor campuses, the Swampscott Public Schools, the Pittsfield Public Schools, the Foundation School in Connecticut, Wesleyan University, and Newton South High School.

Lectures, seminars, and papers

Performances live and synthesized




Application Engineer

I struck up a relationship with this startup manufacturer of analogue modular synthesis equipment during the summer of 1970, and assisted the company at the autumn AES convention in New York City.  They were demonstrating a prototype of the Arp 2600 portable synthesizer; I made several suggestions about the normalled connection system, which were incorporated into the final design.  David Friend, then V.P. of development, responded positively to my observation that the product would benefit from a well-organized and provocatively-written owner's manual, and invited me to join the company and write such a manual.  I accepted, and wrote the ARP 2600 Owner's Manual.  It became an authoritative guide to audio synthesis and a textbook in the field.

It is still in use today, more than thirty years after its first publication.


This small studio and location recording business recorded many New Haven area folk and rock musicians as well as recitalists from the Yale Music School community. Among my clients were

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