Michmerhuizen Consulting

MC performs consulting services in software engineering, development, project leadership and evaluation, and management.

Since 1992, Michmerhuizen Consulting has supplied outside project-evaluation studies, design and architectural work, algorithm development, project leadership, and tested code for such area clients as HP, BBN, Vality Technology, Delphi Communications, Tylink, AT/Comm, Phoenix Technologies, UltraBlend, Colorgen, Ziff-Davis, Intergraph/Optronix, Granitar, Mass General Hospital, Physical Sciences Inc., and PTC.

Jim Michmerhuizen founded MC after fifteen years' experience in software group and project management, with four different Boston-area businesses. At IMLAC, he headed a department of twelve developers and four projects; at ADT/NERL, he introduced structured project-management methods to the development of a card-access security system; at startup IVS, he built from scratch the development group, and established its standards and conventions; and did the same for startup AAI from 1987 1992, laying the foundations of that company's present success.

Jim Michmerhuizen has taught courses in logic programming, computer graphics, poetry, electronic music, creative writing, and LISP. He is an accomplished GO player.

He brings to the challenge of personal management consulting a lifetime of skills sharpened in creative and personal activities ranging from poetry, to music instruction, to founding and directing his own business, to counselling businessmen and managers undergoing culture shock as the internet age takes hold.  He has abundant concrete, in-the-trenches experience in current web and internet technologies.

He has an unparallelled ability to empathetically participate in another's perspectives; he has a thinker's ability to sustain multiple disparate views on the world, dispassionately, while those views are examined, analyzed, and compared; he has a child's ability to absorb new knowledge without visible effort, and an old one's knowledge of, and acceptance of, human limitations and frailty.

Of his consulting practice, he says "I bring to each new client an open, spacious viewpoint, free of theories and of preconceived answers looking for their questions. I make it my goal to be acquainted with the currently prevailing theories and practices in your line of work, whatever they are; I will not subscribe, uncritically, to any of them. My first task is to get to know you and your business, and to know them the way you know them."

"My second task is to learn what you need.  When I know that, I will pause, to decide how to proceed from there. No two situations are ever the same, no two businesses respond identically even to identical situations.

"My constant goal is to absorb and clarify with you the choices you see yourself facing, the alternative paths you and your group or company may take.  I may suggest additional perspectives.  My default starting assumption is that what you need is uniquely determined by your situation, and therefore what has worked for other clients and companies in other situations may not work - and may not even be relevant to your deliberations."

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