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Jim Michmerhuizen

57 Milton Avenue
Hyde Park, MA 02136

Subject escaped from a maximum-security graduate school in 1965. There have been intermittent academic sightings since then, notably in the mid-80's and then again in the mid-90's, but these were highly irregular.

He has been reported in Rome, Boston, Michigan, and Scandinavia, and there are unconfirmed reports from California, New Mexico, and Caracas. Of these, only the Caracas sighting is believed, for reasons outside the scope of this advisory, to have been veridical.

Subject is generally armed with a stiletto wit and relentless analytical intelligence. Verbal exchanges with him should be considered extremely dangerous; he has a black belt in first-order predicate calculus and is an expert GO player. He is particularly given to "crunching" (as he puts it) on clueless mindsets and habitual thought patterns, especially those that are socially comfortable, peer-approved, and have appeared in print or in business seminars.

He often seeks employment as a software engineer or manager. Some former associates praised his skills in these roles. Although he claims to be a deadly foe of certain recently faddish management styles, he has himself led software cells whose members express admiration of his leadership and openly vow support for his revolutionary goals.

He is known to be fond of choral singing, and is reputed to have infiltrated unwary church choirs from time to time. Most of these, however, were Episcopalian and pathetically defenseless.

He is overweight, balding, and wears suspenders.

Copyright Jim Michmerhuizen 2002