Moon and Sun

I had given this all up --
but then a few days after
we took the moon, crossing Chapel Street
in mid-block, standing in traffic
(A sunset the color of rocket-fire
had sent us, I remember, on a drive
towards Milford; not exactly following it,
but not propelled by it either),
I saw you, again as though
newly drawn from me, drawing
from within me all these dancing lines
I had put away.

...O but all this has been before...

But you, bearing our Kate
who at not quite a year is still
being borne by time and by God out of our being
and into her own; you, holding her;
the safety belt, traffic lights, me dodging...

What was in that moment
to make me dizzy? What, when men
took the moon, to make us so exult?


Copyright © Jim Michmerhuizen 2000